How Japanese People Stay GitForlife Without Visiting a Gym

Fitness culture is huge in the US. Most of the people are gym members and can join any hotel or college campus gym for free. We can safely say that the United States is the home of Crossfit and Alo Yoga. However, obesity rates in the United States are really high, and more and more people are struggling with being overweight.

Japan, by contrast, has no exercise culture but leads in longevity and has a very low obesity rate. Most Japanese people don’t have gym memberships, so they rarely exercise on their lunch breaks. A recent survey of people between the ages of 20 and 60 found that 50% of people rarely exercise.

How is this possible?
When I think of exercise, I think of going to the gym and lifting weights. The Japanese practice a form of exercise that has become part of our lifestyle: walking. Japanese adults walk more than 6,500 steps a day. Okinawans are famous for their walking culture, and Nagano has over 100 walking routes and now has the highest longevity in the country. Most Japanese people don’t own a car and rely mainly on public transportation because it’s safe and affordable. They walk to the grocery store. They walk when they go out for lunch. For the Japanese, walking is like breathing and is an important part of their daily life!

The Japanese prove that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to be healthy! You can even walk if you maintain a normal weight! So put on some comfortable shoes and start walking!

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