Aluminum foil is kept in almost every kitchen. People use it to prepare and preserve food, but few people know that we can use it to improve our health.
So, apart from using this foil for cooking, you can also use it to prevent or cure some health problems. This material has a wide range of uses – to relieve colds, to relieve insomnia, etc.
Say goodbye to fatigue right away
People have been using aluminum foil to relieve fatigue for years, and many experts have advocated this method. To use foil for this purpose, you need to put some strips in the freezer and leave them for at least three hours.
After that, you should apply them to your face (make sure they cover your eyelids or cheeks) and leave them on until you notice that the area is relaxing.
When the foil is removed, the symptoms of insomnia and fatigue will disappear.
Relieves joint pain
Aluminum foil is great for relieving health conditions like gout, arthritis, heel pain, and sciatica.
If you want the best results, wrap the problem area with aluminum foil and secure it with medical bandages. Leave the wrap overnight. Do the procedure for at least ten days and a maximum of 12 days, then take a break of 15 days. If the pain persists, do it again.
Relieve recent burns
Few people know that aluminum foil contains elements that facilitate burns. Trauma doctors at the University of Wisconsin are using it for fresh burns. To heal burns and ease the problem, first wash them with cold water and then dry them with a soft cloth.
Then put a layer of burnt camphor and put a sterile gauze over it. Finally, wrap sterile gauze in aluminum foil and hold everything in place using medical bandages. Wait until the pain starts to subside.
Removes phantom pain
If you’ve had an amputation or just have unexplained phantom pain, you can rely on aluminum foil. This foil can help relieve those strange pains. All you have to do is wrap the problem limb in aluminum foil. Wrap it with a medical bandage and remove the foil after the pain is over.
Get rid of the annoying cold
You never know when a cold or flu will strike, so it’s important to learn how to deal with symptoms naturally. So one way to combat them is to use aluminum foil. Wrap the feet with this foil in six or seven layers and wait 60 minutes. Let the feet rest for two hours and reapply the aluminum foil. You can do this three times a day within a week and you should be able to get rid of and prevent colds.

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