Press This Spot And You Will Poop Immediately

The next topic may sound like a joke, but not being able to poop right away is a serious problem. I’m talking about having trouble going to the bathroom. You tried and tried as hard as you could but it didn’t work. Constipation persists and makes your daily life a nightmare.

However, we have learned a new trick to help you and solve the problem in seconds. We are talking about a special technique that gives results without any side effects.

First, find the small area between the abdomen, perineum, and vagina, then press and massage that point to relieve constipation. This recommendation was taken directly from the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

If you press on this point, stool will appear

This method is very helpful and helps pregnant women to remove the girdle before giving birth. Regular massage of this point relaxes the stomach, softens the stool and makes it easier to pass.

This empirical approach has been shown to be more effective than laxatives, so doctors should start explaining it to their constipated patients.

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