My Sister 1s Putting CABBAGE LEAF In Her Bra For Months. The Reason? I’m Starting From Tonight!

Time is running out so fast… I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday and the baby feels weak (although it feels like it’s trying to fall out of my butt, so I’m waiting for your word. !). Kindergarten is done, our bags are packed, and our lovely family and friends will be arriving starting next week!

Strange new symptoms? Let’s see… I sleep sitting up because breathing is something I find so enjoyable and I hate it. In addition, if you fall asleep lying on it, you wake up with a lot of pain in your lower abdomen and back. Yes, I can’t sleep well, I’m very tired during the day. Also, one breast is noticeably bigger than the other, but neither is big enough for my bra size. I’ve been to two Tarjay’s and one JcPenny and I seem to have very small breasts… Maybe I shouldn’t breastfeed with a cup? But damn, I’ll give it my all…hope the big breasts (which I now refer to as “my good breasts”) will pull their weight! TMI?

Finally, I have a perfectly straight line down the back of each leg (buttock to ankle). My skin is very dark on the right side of each line and very light on the left side. Very strange! The thing is, my mom said that’s exactly what happened to her.

Anyway, on to my reason for this post. I tried the Goody Simple Styles Hair Clips tonight and had amazing results! Here is their explanation:

I can see how this product will deliver what the structured community wants. Volume. We curls don’t have this problem so I really doubted the reason for trying it. However, I am happy! Here’s another low-stress way to style your hair in a chic and easy style. Plus, the design allows for a top skirt without the hassle of tying panties to your head. It reminds me of a little modified banana clip. It has two positions (the first for thin hair and the second for thick hair), and the comb section at the top makes it easy to fluff up the hair and increase the volume of your bangs.

I like it because it gives me the volume of a panty, or the security of a cute hairband ponytail (twice or three loops). It’s easy to install and remove – snags and tears are no problem. Definitely another tool to add to your arsenal!

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