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Learn What Kind Of A Woman You Are According To Your Birth Month

You are ambitious, determined and determined. You don’t let anyone know what’s going on in your mind. You love people who can hold intelligent and meaningful conversations.

You love romance and everything related to it. People should be more patient around you because your mood changes often. You can’t stand liars.

You are charming, charming, dedicated and loyal. You are patient and kind, but when someone gets on your wrong side, you show your serious side.

You are diplomatic and easy to talk to. Sometimes you feel sorry for yourself. Your jealousy can get the better of you at times, but you have a knack for making others happy.

You are determined and beautiful, but this is not always easy to deal with. When someone does you wrong, you never forget it.

You believe that the truth should always be told, no matter how painful it may be. You are creative and curious, but sometimes you can be manipulative. Men beware!

You are loyal and always have an aura of mystery around you. You rarely let other people into your life, but when you do, you love like no one else can.

You are selfless and proud. You hate people making fun of you, so you never allow yourself to lose.

You are a very kind person, so you will never forget betrayal. When someone hurts you, you always seek revenge. If you’re in a relationship, you’re in a relationship for the long haul.

You are strong and independent. You hate it when people take advantage of you, so you don’t let many people get close to you.

Everyone around you is always one step behind you. There is no point in playing games with you because you are the best at telling lies.

You’re not very patient, but your presence always lights up a room. Even though you’re always rushing through life, you always come out on top. When people hurt you, you pay back tenfold.

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