Even if nature doesn’t require it, women with persistent UTIs should go to the bathroom after sex, advises Alyssa Dweck, MD, Westchester, New York, physician and author of The Complete A to Z for Your V. if you engage in sexual activity. Given their near proximity to the urethra, rectal bacteria have the potential to infect women when they come into touch with it, particularly those who already have genital warts.

Here is another method for women with urinary tract infection after intercourse. (Too annoying.) Cranberry concentrate, cranberry pills, or over-the-counter supplements once a day can help prevent UTIs, says Dweck. He warns against drinking a sweet cocktail with cranberry juice.

If you have oil or saliva after sex and it doesn’t look fresh, smoke it right away. “Crushes and bacteria on the fingers, face, and anus increase the likelihood of a fungal or bacterial infection,” says Sherry Ross, Ph.D. MD, a women’s health specialist in Santa Monica, California.

After sex, she recommends using unscented vaginal soap. Simply take a warm washcloth and wipe your uterus with soap and water (or warm water) and move it back and forth. But skip the contents: Beche has an internal cleaning process to keep it clean and comfortable, he adds. In other words, exchanges are prohibited.

Feel like a sex queen pampering yourself after sex. Tip: Adding virgin coconut oil to a warm bath will moisturize the skin outside the vagina and reduce inflammation and itching, says Ross. While this simple practice is not sanitary, it can help reduce the risk of infection, he said.

Don’t use heavy bath oils, floral oils, or perfumed oils, says Mary Jane Minkin, Ph.D. MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility at Yale University School of Medicine. Excessive female aggression may occur. Minkin says the irritation often associated with cosmetics increases when patients use gifts they receive after the holiday season.

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