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Some of the products we use every day have a different purpose, some details are also unique and unusual. The purpose of these details is often surprising – for example, do you know what the small pocket of women’s underwear is for? Here are 6 products we use every day and their specific parts.

Inside pocket
A women’s underwear pocket has been added for added convenience. This layer is made of soft cotton and is not stitched for your comfort.

Diamond-shaped holes on the back of the backpack
These holes were used as hiking gear and allowed for easier tying of packs.

pom pom on the hat
This detail on the hat first appeared in the 19th century with French sailors. At that time, the cabin of the ship had a low roof and pompoms were added for safety. Later, pom-poms were added as a unique detail to knit hats. Nowadays, pompoms are used only as an aesthetic feature.

Trouser line
Stripes on trousers first appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century. After sewing, the pants were folded and sent on a long trip around the world. Even though they had traveled many kilometers, there were always scratches on their trousers. After a while, people adopted them and now they are a part of every pair of pants.

The line on the toothpaste
Many people think that the lines on toothpaste represent the quality of the product, but they are actually barcodes. Manufacturers say barcodes are used in packaging and tube cutting machines.

A hole on a drill rod
The holes in the dough make it easy to attach candies to them. During production, a hole is made in the stick, after which sugar is fixed on it.

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