Some of the things we use every day have different purposes, but some details are unique and unusual. The purpose of these things often surprises us; For example, did you know there are few pockets in women’s underwear? Here are 6 things we use every day and what makes them special.

In the bag
An interior pocket has been added for added convenience. The bottom is made from soft cotton and seamless for added comfort.

Diamond-shaped opening at the back of the container.
These places are frequently used and easy to load goods.

pompom characteristics
This style of hull was first introduced to French sailors in the 19th century. At the time, the ship had a small box, so a rope was tied to it for protection. Next, pompoms were added as a separate option for making hats. Today garlic is used as a lubricant.

Dreams rule
Blues bands first appeared in Europe in the late 19th century. Once sewn, the pants are assembled and shipped around the world. They’ve traveled many miles, but they’ve always had a nail in the pants. After a while people adopted it and now it’s a part of every dance.

The line is on the toothpaste.
Many people think that the lines on a toothpaste indicate the quality of the product, but they are actually barcodes. The manufacturer says the barcode is used in packaging and tank sealing machines.

Screw on the rod
The holes in the dough help keep the candies in place. During the process, make a hole in the stick and remove the sugar.

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