Looking into the shower is something we don’t often do without thinking about it. Or maybe, but I wonder if that’s true. Maybe something you never intended to do.

So can you pee in the shower?

This is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for the world as it saves water for flushing toilets.

Even if the water is stored, you can leave a clean shower at the door wondering if it is safe or clean.

Of course, urine is not as clean and tidy as some people think, but the choice of bathroom usually does not cause health problems.

Are his lips sterile?
Despite rumors to the contrary, urine is sterile. There are many different types of bacteria related to staphylococci and streptococci.

Although the number of bacteria in the blood is usually low, it can be high in a urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection).

Healthy lips are primarily made up of water, electrolytes, and waste products like urea. Urea is part of protein breakdown.

Even if a blood-borne infection enters your body through a cut, foot, or other wound, your urine is likely infected.

If you’re worried about seeing blood in the shower and want to remove it quickly, consider showering after a day at the beach, work, or playing outside.

Dirt, grime and who knows what else on your skin and hair. Maybe clean your sterile body instead of blood.

While it’s important to vacuum and clean the bathroom regularly, just because you pee on the floor or in the shower doesn’t mean you have to change your habits.

Before you finish, dust again.

What if we take a shower?
Out of respect, it is best to avoid showering when showering together.

What makes sharing a bathroom difficult is that you never know if someone has a urinary tract infection or another infection.

Some lipsticks may be contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, do not touch anything, especially if you have a cut or other open wound on your leg.

Bacteria like MRSA can spread through the bathroom floor.

What are the benefits of urinating in the shower?
It is well known that showering is not only comfortable but also ecological.

The Brazilian environmental organization SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation gained international attention in 2009 with a video that encouraged people to write from their hearts.

The advert suggested that by eliminating the need to flush a toilet per day, 1,100 liters of water per year could be saved.

In 2014, two students from the University of East Anglia in England started the #GoWithTheFlow project to save water by flushing the shower.

Not only can you save water, but you can also reduce your water and toilet paper bills.

Can they treat blood clots?
In urology, people swallow their own urine or smear it on their skin, as is common practice in the rest of the world.

Urine contains urea, which is found in many skin care products, and some people believe that athlete’s foot infections can help prevent or treat athlete’s foot.

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