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All The Different BLOOD TYPES Reveal Many Interesting Things About Our Health We Don’t Expect! (especially blood type O)

Heart disease
Good news for blood type. Studies have shown that the risk of coronary heart disease is low. Experts aren’t sure why. Some think it’s due to high levels of other types of cholesterol and proteins associated with blood clotting.

Stomach cancer
Blood group A, AB, and B are more at risk than Os. Specifically, people with blood type A are more likely to develop stomach cancer. Scientists believe that this is because H. pylori infection is more common in people with type A blood. It is a bacteria that is normally found in the stomach. It can cause inflammation and ulcers.

A small study found that people with memory problems were more likely to have AB blood than all other blood types.

Pancreatic cancer
If you are type A, AB, or B, your risk is higher. A and B red blood cell molecules help certain bacteria in your gut, called H. pylori, grow. It increases your risk of pancreatic cancer.

Stress Stress increases your body’s stress hormone, cortisol. People with type A blood have more cortisol. Therefore, you may find it difficult to cope with stressful situations.

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