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7 bad habits that negatively affect the health of the vagina

It’s often the little things that give us the most joy and often the root of the most serious problems. This rule also applies to vaginal health. From keeping pads and tampons in for too long, not getting regular check-ups, and going out in dirty, sweaty clothes, here are seven mistakes we all need to make to keep our vaginas healthy.

Sweating in gym clothes is probably too slow
Most people rush to the toilet and change clothes after exercising, but there are some who don’t change in time or don’t change at all. Unfortunately, the clothes you wear to exercise, even if they serve their purpose, tend to soak up your sweat, which isn’t good for your vagina. Too much moisture and heat is a perfect recipe for yeast production, which will definitely get you a yeast infection, which is not fun. Likewise, you should change wet wetsuits or wet clothes as soon as possible to prevent fungal infections.

Wearing pants that are too tight or the wrong underwear
Wearing tight pants isn’t a crime, and you don’t have to stop wearing them completely, but wearing tight pants or jeans can cause significant vaginal discomfort. Tight pants like these trap heat and moisture, which can lead to infection and pain, and that’s not any fashion statement you’re trying to make. So if you feel like your Jonas Brothers pants are hurting your vaginal health, give that area some room to breathe and wear looser, more airy clothes.

Similarly, when it comes to underwear, we all want to feel sexy and wear satin, lace underwear or panties, and while that’s fine, it doesn’t always fit your vagina. These non-breathable fabrics can lead to irritation and infection, and even worse, uncomfortable clothes like thongs can be really bad for women who are prone to vaginal infections.

Also, breathing is not allowed in the area
Your first thought might be that it’s weird, but sometimes it’s recommended to go commando. A good time to air out your vajayjay is while you’re sleeping to maintain the optimal pH balance and prevent friction and heat from the fabric. Plus, you’ll be most comfortable in your underwear when you’re sleeping, but if you’re in general too, no one’s stopping you from going out every day!

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