12 Mistakes You Are Making In The Shower Every Day

The next time you take a shower, keep the following things in mind to get the most out of it.

  1. Take a shower after your workout
    When we exercise, we have bacteria on our skin, which is why our sweat smells bad. In order to avoid skin allergies and rashes, it is necessary to clean these microorganisms from the skin. So take a shower as soon as possible after your workout.
  2. Do not get a pedicure after shaving
    We usually shave our legs first and then get a pedicure. This exercise causes pain in the small scratches on the legs.
  3. Take a contrast shower
    When you’re almost done with your shower, turn the shower all the way back to the end. The pressure in the shower will even out the pressure on your body and help strengthen your frame. However, showering before bed sometimes doesn’t sit well with our sleep cycle.
  4. Bathe every day
    Showering and washing your hair every day can dry out your skin and thin your hair. Do not rub yourself daily to avoid flaky skin and scalp.
  5. Do not wrap the towel around your hair.
    Wet hair breaks and falls easily. Moisture does not make hair look clean and fresh.
  6. Clean your shower head regularly
    The shower head is something we almost never clean. Scrape build-up from your shower head for a healthy, hygienic shower.
  7. Keep your soap dry
    The soap dish must be dry to prevent bacteria and other bacteria from forming on it. While the soap dish is still wet, the cake of soap melts and prevents dirty water from flowing out.
  8. Don’t leave your razor in the shower
    If you use a razor in the bathroom, be sure to grab it before you leave. Moisture makes the blade unusable.
  9. Change/wash towels regularly
    Be sure to change or wash your towels frequently to prevent bacteria from growing on them. Do not let the towel air out daily and keep it wet.
  10. Clean the bathroom
    Clean the tub immediately after each shower. This will help keep it clean for later use, whether it’s for someone else or yourself. In addition, it stops the formation of E. coli in the bathroom.
  11. Don’t leave your sponge wet
    Be sure to put the sponge in a clean, dry place after showering. Otherwise, a wet net can become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  12. Wash your feet thoroughly
    Most people neglect washing their feet as much as they think about washing their bodies. But careless washing can lead to ingrown toenails.

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