From hunger pangs to flat whites, unprotected sex, and too much laundry, health experts tell us what we never knew before.
We all have our own mechanisms when it comes to our period: curling up with a heating pad, wearing a bandage or munching on a Galaxy Family bar, but did you know that there’s a long list of things that can really happen? are our periods getting worse? We talked to doctors, gynecologists and personal trainers about what to avoid during your period.

Don’t skip meals or go hungry
If you fast intermittently, it’s important to break your fast during your period, says Kelly Mulhall, nutritionist and founder of The Natural Balance hormone balancing program. “For many women, especially those with heavy periods and heavy bleeding, energy levels drop due to a lack of iron, which carries oxygenated blood throughout the period. It’s best to eat three meals a day, drink two liters of water, and snack on fruit if you’re low on energy to keep your energy and blood sugar levels up.”

Do not use a heating pad – sorry!
A trusty heating pad is one of the first things we reach for when we’re experiencing stomach cramps, but it can make things worse. “Using a heating pad can damage the connective tissue that supports your body’s muscles and helps your skin heal,” says menstrual care brand BeYou. “If you apply a heating pad to the facade, it becomes soft and then hardens as it cools. That means next time you’ll need to use more heat to reduce spasms.” A fancy alternative is period spotting, which relieves pain without the use of heat.

Don’t be a slave to your workout schedule
Your menstrual cycle, especially the week of your period, has a huge impact on your physical activity. “Adjust your workout schedule based on how you feel and listen to what your body is telling you,” says Rachel Penrose, trainer at F45 Training, a national fitness studio.

If you feel heavy and weak, it means that you did not expect it. “During your period, your uterus alone weighs 8 ounces, while your uterus weighs 4 ounces,” says Naomi Gale of Ohne, an organic tampon brand. Keep this in mind and avoid strenuous exercise for long periods of time, such as high-intensity exercise, long runs, and sprints. “High-impact exercise requires a lot of energy that you may have been lacking during your period,” says Rachel. “Instead of jogging or low-intensity HIIT, walking will be a great solution. The main thing is that if you feel dizzy, tired, and your body says no, you should stop. Take a warm shower, read a book – your body is doing a lot of work there. you can train on another day.

Don’t go down
If you don’t do yoga, it’s probably not on your to-do list. But if you do, you might be skipping forward poses like shoulder rests, headrests, and handstands, says Victoria Woodhall, vinyasa flow yoga instructor and GTG editorial director. “There is no evidence that menstrual inversions are harmful, and healthy people are not at risk of developing endometriosis, as is sometimes said,” she said. “But in the first couple of days of your period, it’s good to support what your body is trying to do, and it’s getting rid of things, so work with gravity, not against it. “If I really want to do a reversal, I might not keep it up for long. Remember that your period can throw you off balance a bit.”

Take it easy on difficult exercises and core work, she adds. “You don’t want to cause additional spasms in that area.” Instead, focus on poses that give space to the abdomen, such as Butterfly/Cobbler pose. “Lie down, bend your knees, bring your feet together, then drop your knees to your sides,” he says.

Do not wash the genitals excessively
While it may be tempting to pay extra attention to washing underneath when you’re on your period, avoid overdoing it. “Excessive washing of a woman’s genitals can disrupt the microbiome levels in the vagina,” says Kelly. – A gentle bath in hot water should be sufficient to keep it clean and fresh. Even intimate soaps can be too harsh and harmful for natural bacteria to react. If there are unpleasant smells, they should be checked for bacterial or fungal overgrowth, such as thrush or BV.” We recommend Gallinée’s Milk-Enriched Unscented Cleansing Bar, £10.

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