10 Places Where Men Most Love To Be Touched

We always want physical intimacy in our relationships to feel close to our partners. If there is no emotional and physical intimacy, no relationship will last these days. That’s why you should not be afraid of hurting your man. Do not underestimate the desire of a man, you need to be sensitive. Yes, he will go crazy with all these subtle touches, sneaky glances, gentle caresses, passionate kisses and strong hugs. These are all beautiful physical manifestations of love that you should never be ashamed to show your man. You never want to suppress your feelings in your relationship. You don’t want your man to think you’re taking him for granted. You always want to make her feel that you are willing to work hard for her love.

So never limit yourself. Always find new ways to make him feel the love he has for you. Be creative. Shake things up. Always be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the level of passion, love, and intimacy in your relationship. You already know what he likes when the woman he loves touches him. So make money on it. If you don’t know how to make it creative, read this article. Here’s where you can start to get ideas on how you can reach out to your man and ignite the flame of physical intimacy in your relationship.

  1. Shake her hair with your fingers.
    It’s a subtle but very intimate gesture that she’s sure to enjoy the most, especially if she has messy hair.
  2. Biting his neck.
    A small bite is enough to achieve the goal. Don’t bite him to the point of hurting him – unless he likes it, of course.

  1. Play with his language a little.
    A little bit of tongue-in-cheek behavior will be nice when the two of you are speaking French. Don’t be afraid to play with it a little. Be creative and respond to his advances. Give him a healthy dose of aggression and gentleness just to confuse.
  2. Whisper in his ear.
    Make it look very intimate and understated. Make her feel like she has a secret you want to tell her. There are certain pleasures and sensations in whispering to them, and men are very fond of it.
  3. Play with your hands and feet.
    There is no denying that touching hands and feet often leads to intercourse. There is something sexy about the intersection of two people’s limbs.
  4. Gently lick her nipples.
    Note that not all guys like it, and it’s unlikely that guys will like it more than girls. However, the male breast is still a very sensitive area and it will want some kind of stimulation. Give it a try and see if your man likes it.
  5. Take near the sacrum.
    If you’re dating and he’s facing you, try grabbing his sacrum, or lower back in other words. You’re adding support to the position you’re in, and it shows that you’re not forgetting other parts of her body, especially her arms.
  6. Run your hands on the inside of her thighs.
    This is a very promising sign that will drive many men crazy. Running your hands, fingers, feet, lips or tongue down her thighs will make her angry. In fact, you remind him that you want to go to the hottest spot, but you are ashamed of it and stop. It’s teasing, but he’ll be happy about it.
  7. Play with your samples.
    It can be a bit tricky at first as few women know about hips and men probably don’t either. This is the part of the male body located between the anus and the scrotum. This zone is actually a very sensitive erogenous zone, and many men enjoy its stimulation.
  8. Find the human F point.
    You are probably familiar with the idea of ​​the G spot. Of course. You are a woman. But have you ever heard of the male F spot? The F actually stands for frenulum, which is where most guys like to be stimulated. In fact, the lower part of his penis consists of loose skin. It should be V-shaped, and most of the pleasure centers are at the tip of this letter.

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